About Fruities

At Fruities’ Publications, we provide several services which are tailored to create fascinating identities for you, your organization and your customers. We help package and coordinate your activities in a fruitful way.

Our name is derived from ‘fruiting’, which is the process of producing. A Fruit is a result of production or a reproduced seed. There are different kinds of fruits, fruits of the body such as children, livestock, crops; fruits of the Spirit as in Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness etc. We also have fruits of labour, success, results, money, reward, promotions, recognition, awards etc. These underlie our operations.


We see a world you can impact and dominate with your quality fruits.


To produce, package and distribute inspirational products, strategies and events that promote exceptional values and a Biblical Worldview with specific regard to fruitfulness.

Our major goals are to:

  • provide opportunities for talented young writers;
  • provide books for an under-served niche in the industry;
  • develop reading skills and inculcate a healthy reading culture from youth;
  • build capacity and skills in creative writing;
  • build capacity in speech prodigy;
  • develop and propagate strategies that promote exceptional values.

Legal Structure

Fruities’ Publications was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria in March, 2008.