The FWI sees a world where the disability of widowhood does not stop any woman from bearing “much” fruit that will glorify God being a disciple of Jesus.


The FWI provides a platform for widows and others (like single female parents and orphans), who may be in the desert place, to produce fruits at different levels.


The FWI’s commission is from John 15:8, and it is threefold:

    1. become disciples of Christ;
    2. bear much fruit;
    3. give glory to God the Father (John 15:8).

About FWI

The Fruitful Widows’ Initiative attempts to promote human welfare, aid cultural progress, embark on research and produce publications in the specific area of widowhood practices in Nigeria. It was officially registered in May, 2008, as a Non-Governmental Organization by the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In the beginning, at the Garden of Eden, God created the woman as a “helper” to the man (Genesis 2:18-23). Then sin came into the world and the plan of God in this regard was altered as the devil has been in battle with man since then. Men, young and old die and leave behind widows, fatherless children and orphans, most of whom can hardly cope with life.

Some cultures have a good tradition of taking care of this group of the helpless, but others have extremely obnoxious widowhood practices. The worst part is that the widows, especially the young ones are not prepared for this status of widowhood and the myriad of problems that come with it. There are economic, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social problems and practical daily challenges. Widowhood comes with sorrows, indignations, reproach, dishonour, etc. And yet the Lord says that the widow should forget all that (Isaiah 54:4). Again, the Lord enjoins everyone (including widows) to bear great fruit as His disciples, because this brings great glory to His Father (John 15:8). So, how then can the widow cope?

There are different categories of widows. Beyond the ‘grassroot’ widows, most of whom have no concrete source of livelihood, there are working-class widows who face a different set of problems. The FWI therefore attempts to help widows of different categories to forget the sorrows and other negative aspects of their widowhood state, and glorify God greatly as disciples of Jesus, even in the desert place they find themselves. This is done through counseling, orientation, rehabilitation and mentoring; research and publication of widowhood practices; advocacy and networking; and finally, empowerment of widows and their offspring.

Support for Partnership

The FWI has been funded since its inception by Fruities’ Publications Ltd. To ensure that the organization impacts further on society it needs the support of corporate organizations, donor agencies and individuals.

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Contact Us

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Ewet Housing Estate,
P. O. Box 434,
Uyo Akwa Ibom State Nigeria.

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Membership is open to all law-abiding citizens of Nigeria and other countries of the world. There are two categories of membership:

    1. Fruitful Members (FM)There are two categories of Fruitful Members:
      • Widows
      • Single mothers (with/without biological children)
    2. Fruitful Partners (FP)There are four categories of Fruitful Partners:
      • Volunteer Partners
      • Prayer Partners
      • Financial Partners
      • Research Partners